MicroLight Rheinland / Germany in the near of Aachen is your competent partner for Led-Lighting.

Our technology is the result of a long development and research. You can consult us in our company 

and we are sure that you will be satisfied with our high quality products.

We offer a micro-led technology with high efficiency. Our products have 150 Lm (Lumen) per watt which means

20% more light as other used technologies.

We can for exemple offer lighting with 10 watts/1500 lm as well as 600 watts with 90000 lm (Ks-1, Ks-6).

The choice of eight different real glass lens will help you to get the optimal light you need.

We have for you a large program of lighting  :

  • for construction sites
  • for ports & airfields
  • for house & Garden
  • for hotels & restaurants
  • for tunnels
  • for petrol stations
  • for advertising signs
  • for industrial fields

for schools, universities and sport areas

and even for solar systems and street lighting

      Do not hesitate to contact us.